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First live streamed performance art?

This video was made by myself, Ted Singdalson and Lemmons the Shiny Clown at iEar Studios RPI in 1996. It was streamed over the experimental network 'mBone' (multicast backbone streaming over the internet)

We had fortuitously been given an mBone equipped Sun Sparc Station by Mark Resh at Xerox Par who was remotely teaching a graduate seminar, so that we could experiment with their early Jupiter MOO system. We decided to try streaming live to mBone to see if anyone would watch (a few did). At the time, mBone was mostly used buy scientists and academics for video teleconferencing. Other forms of video streaming which is now commonplace were for the most part completely absent from the internet at the time.

The performance was also recorded on Sony 3/4" SP tape stock through a Grass Valley Online Edit Suite. (which is where this recording comes from.

Johnny DeKam